organic living on a budget

I'm a mother of 3. Blake is 7 and he is my oldest and most outgoing child. He is also part of the reason we are trying new things. He has severely dry skin. A dermatologist told me to cut out dairy completely and that no human needs cows milk or any of the dairy products. Also the skin works from the inside out. Bailey is 5 and she is a diva princess all the way. She is my most stubborn child for sure. she is just like her mommy. And last but certainly not least is Arkadios. He is 8 months and the sweetest, best behaved baby you will ever meet! He is so relaxed it amazes me. Cory is my boyfriend of 2 years now and he is one of the best things I have come across so far in life. We are so different but work so perfectly...we are just like the old saying "opposites attract". We have 2 dogs and 1 cat and we love animals here.

Family is everything to me. I am super close to everyone in mine and his family. I believe that you need to be close to your family always. My sister is truly my best friend. One of my only friends for that matter. Life gets so busy but we talk to or see each other daily! Same with our mom. :)

I am a licensed cosmetologist and I love cooking or baking. I believe anything made from "scratch" is amazing! I am a glass half full kind of girl and I always look for the best in a situation. And that about sums me up!

I will be posting here about recipes, some of my favorite organic things, and how to afford this lifestyle.
ask me anything...